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Silver Rabbit Tattoo is located in the Buckman neighborhood of Portland, OR. The Studio is street side with plenty of light and culture to view. Art, Masks & something for everyone adorns this personal service small space. Masks from the world tell stories of my travels and a pink kit-kat clock tie my quirky sense of art with fashion as many prints depict work from artists all over Portland and the world. The studio is private, and the building is secure. Silver Rabbit even more security measures for the safety and wellbeing of each client. 4 Air Filtration units and 2 fans push air continually as it cleans the space between masks. Immunizaed or not, this space welcomes all walks of life into a safe environment to become adorned as you see fit. When you are in my chair, you have my undivided attention.

Please, read through the FAQ section of the website before you compose an email. I have thoughtfully tried to answer all of the questions that I receive to save both of us time and energy. Your time and thoughts are valuable, and I am deeply grateful for your interest in my work, and being tattooed by me. Thank you for respecting my process and treating your tattoo with the due diligence that it deserves in order to serve you a lifetime of enjoyment.

Thank you, very much. I look forward to working together.