Is the studio open for walk-ins?

No. Silver Rabbit Tattoo is a Custom Tattoo Studio that operates by Appointment only. Toby Good schedules his Appointments 3 months at a time using the Books Open & Books Closed method. When bookings are open you may make an appointment and when they are closed, you must wait for them to open again in order to book your Appointment. Booking your next tattoo is made easy through a 3 step digital booking process from the comfort of your phone.



In Silver Rabbit Tattoo we have 2 gumball machines filled to the top with original designs. This is also known as a “get-what-you-get” or a mystery tattoo.

This event involves larger than usual designs for $200 that are Toby Good’s Original Designs, that come out at random. The design is fate, while you choose the color pallet! The designs are premade, you turn the knob and hear the gears turning, choosing your fate – and a design comes out at random, chosen for you by the laws of the machine. Should the first design not be your favorite, you can do it again 3x in total for free. $20 each reroll after that for prolonged indecision. You pick the colors or (black and grey) & we agree on the best placement for your new tattoo.

Super fun, everyone loves them. Some people have come back for 2 or even 3 get-what-you-get experiences! This is a great way to have something original that isn't a custom design. Or give one as a gift to a friend or loved one, by purchasing a gift card for a get-what-you-get!

They are available upon request. Or for specific events.



Multnomah County is still being closely watched as our Covid numbers spike and drop. At this time tattoo shops are still legally operational following OHLA & CDC guidelines. Health authorities are still encouraging mask wearing. I am taking every precaution possible, but cannot guarantee your safety to COVID or variants. 



Silver Rabbit Tattoo

833 SE Main St #218

Portland OR, 97214



Studio Phone: +1(541)876-7726



$200 minimum

​Hourly rate: $200

​Traveling hourly rate: $220


How do I get an appointment?


1. Fill out a Tattoo Inquiry Submission; 

This is so that Toby Good can review potential tattoo concepts as they are submitted. And see if his expertise connects with the project and design elements requested. Not everyone knows 100% what they want, just be as specific as possible.


2. The Deposit; 

Once your Design Inquiry has been chosen. You will receive an email regarding your tattoo Deposit. This $200 is your down payment, proving that as the Collector, you are as serious about getting the tattoo as Toby Good is about designing and making your custom tattoo for you. The Deposit, comes off the total cost of the tattoo project, going towards each session until the tattoo is completed in a roll over fashion. Tattoos come in all shapes and sizes. Some tattoos are small, in which case, the deposit may pay for the total cost in advance. Many hours can go into the design process of a large tattoo request. Because of this, anything larger than a small sized, ‘minimum tattoo’ will require a design fee of $25/hour for the design process.


Your Deposit covers 1 free in person Consultation with Toby Good in order to discuss your tattoo design details and go over all of the elements you would like encorporated in your permanent artwork prior to the time it takes to design the tattoo. This is to establish the cost of the design, layout the steps to accomplish the tattoo. And covers 1 or more Appointment bookings based on scale of the design and tattoo procedures necessary.


In the case of you and loved ones getting matching tattoos, similar tattoos or completely different tattoos the same day. Each individual must pay a deposit for 1 appointment date. If you have a larger group (more than 3 individual people) multiple dates will be necessary to accommodate your group's individual requests.


3. Consultation & Appointments;

Once your Deposit has been received, you will receive a personalized email with directions on how many Appointments to book based on your Tattoo Inquiry Details, and you will be granted Calendar access. At this time you decide the best dates and times that work for your busy life schedule. Clients should book a Consultation Date & 2 weeks to 1 month from the Consultation, book your First (or only) Tattoo Appointment Date. Subsequent Appointments will be discussed via email or at the Consultation.


**A Consideration for Large Scale Tattoos; 

Half and Full Sleeves, Backpieces, Chest (shoulder to shoulder), Stomach (sternum to pelvic), Full Torso (collar to pelvic), Hip to Knee, Knee to Ankle, etc. Will require multiple tattoo sessions. 


**Tattoo Sessions are available in 2hr, 4hr & 6+hr time frames. And, as a gesture to Outstanding Collectors; a price break after the 3rd tattoo hour is given until the 6th tattoo hour. A typical ‘all day’ session is 5-6hrs for an outline or progress shading on large tattoo work. 


**$1,500 Full Day rate for 8-10hr Sessions, Numbing Cream included.



What happens with the deposit?

​There is a $200 non-refundable Deposit required before Calendar Access is granted. Deposits are always non-refundable, this means they are dissolved upon Appointment Cancellation, or same-day Rescheduling. A New Deposit must be paid for each New Tattoo Idea. Or if the client disappears for 1 or more years, then wishes to continue. Deposits are applied to the total cost, upon completion of your Tattoo at the Artist’s discretion.


How do I pay my deposit?

Once your project has been chosen, you will receive an email with a link to Toby’s Venmo & Cashapp to send your $200 non-refundable Deposit for your Project.


​Can I call the studio to discuss my tattoo idea?

No. But you can submit a Tattoo Inquiry or send Toby an update email if you have an appointment set. Phone messages are checked infrequently for clients unaware of the process to book their Appointments via the Internet.


Custom Tattoos are Wednesday-Saturday by appointment only. 

Silver Rabbit Tattoo is a closed-door studio and the door will not be answered if you do not have a pre-established appointment date/time.


Do you have a wait list?

There is no longer a cancellation waitlist for people who would like to get in ASAP. Please be patient and wait for your day to arrive with anticipation. Bookings are set by yearly quarters, so if your Tattoo was not chosen this Quarter to be tattooed, the next quarter will be here before you know it. So please, resubmit your Inquiry at that time.


I am a returning client, how can I get access to the calendar?

You may send an email with what you are wanting to get done, and Toby will get back to you with instructions on how to proceed.


What is your cancellation policy?

No less than 48 hours notice is required for Canceling or Rescheduling your Tattoo Appointments. Failure to comply with the Cancellation Policy will result in the Cancellation of all subsequent Appointments, your Deposit will be dissolved, and a New Deposit will be required before making further Appointments.


How should I prepare for my tattoo appointment?

Taking care of your body the week of your tattoo appointment will help in the healing process. Drink plenty of water and get a good night's sleep the night before your Appointment. Make sure to eat something before you come in. If you are not a breakfast person, or do intermittent fasting; bring a snack for when you do get hungry or break-fast once your body requires food. Food is not supplied. Bring a water bottle and some snacks. Particularly if you are doing a full day appointment, pack a lunch.


Be on time and not hungover.


*Hard workouts and scenarios making your body overly sore, including sunburn on the area to be tattooed. And the use of copious amounts of Alcohol, Marijuana, and Illegal or Decriminalized Substances the night before, day of the Tattoo Appointment is prohibited and grounds for Cancelation or Reschedule for the next quarter. Use of substances listed above in Silver Rabbit Tattoo is prohibited at all times and grounds for immediate dismissal without compensation or regard.


What can I expect during the Pandemic?

Silver Rabbit Tattoo has large windows with lots of Ultraviolet light and natural air circulation to kill Viruses in the air.

There are also 2 Ultraviolet Bacterial Air Filtrations Units, and 2 Core Spore Air Filtration Units Cleaning the Air between and around everyone at all times in the space, making it a true virus free environment. Toby Good wears clean scrubs and a mask to each procedure, ensuring client and practitioner safety. Along with following the OHLA & CDC mandated guidelines.


All Vaccinated & Non-vaccinated individuals entering Silver Rabbit Tattoo must wear a protective facemask at all times. A plastic face shield is not an appropriate viral shield. Absolutely no exceptions or forfeiture of Deposit and Cancellation of services. At Silver Rabbit all walks of life are welcomed with few exceptions, making it a safe, understanding space for you to enjoy your professional Tattoo Experiences without fear.


Questions are as follows per CDC requirements;

Have you had a new or worsening cough?

Have you had a fever?

Have you had shortness of breath?

Have you been in close contact with any of these symptoms or anyone who has been diagnosed with COVID-19 or variants in the past 14 days?

If your answer is no, to all of the above, then we can proceed with your appointment.


Where is the Tattoo Inquiry Form?

You may access the Inquiry Form at any time through Instagram @goodisasgooddoes @silver_rabbit_tattoo or wherever a QR code is posted. Once Inquiry Forms stack up, Toby Good responds via Email with Deposit information. Once Deposits are sent, bookings open; January 3rd, April 3rd, July 3rd & October 3rd, they will be acknowledged in the order received for the quarter being booked. No Appointments can be made outside of the given quarter being booked. Unless visiting from out of town, in which case, special circumstances may be provided with enough advanced notice.


What if one of us gets sick? What does rescheduling look like?

​If proper notice is given, we will default to your next appointment and another appointment will be added to the end of your appointment stream. The same policy will be upheld in the case that Toby will need to cancel because he is not well.


For example; If your January appointment is rescheduled, your next appointment will be your February appointment. If you do not have one scheduled for March, then you will get scheduled for April before the Inquiries are addressed.


This system is in order for this to be as minimized as possible.


Why does my consultation need to be 2 weeks before my tattoo appointment?

Toby likes consultations to be fairly close to your Tattoo Appointment so that your idea is fresh in his mind. The 2 weeks preceding your tattoo are necessary to consider your concept, look at references and put in the hours of research, and cultivate a design concept. This process has taken over 14 years to perfect, and is the most efficient way to bring you an authentically inspired design.


How do I get into your schedule if I'm only off on the weekends?

The Schedule is available to book Wednesday through Saturday. Saturdays are most popular. If you require Saturdays only, you may want to be prompt about scheduling once you have the link when the books open on the 3rd. Or consider using some PTO from your work. Many clients enjoy taking a Thursday or Friday off, to get paid while they get tattooed.


*Sometimes there can be an exception for returning clients from out of town or PROJECTS OF INTEREST (Subjects and Scale that go above and beyond the normal Ideas), where Toby has a Secret Sunday Schedule Available to a select few.

What if my project is not chosen?

You are always welcome to try again in the next booking quarter. The most common reason Toby will not choose a project is an under-quoted budget. 

Take the time and do some research. Truly well done tattoos are not cheap. Toby Good goes above and beyond standard tattoo work practices, putting in long hours outside of Procedures to bring you tattoos with longevity and integrity. Designed to last your entire lifetime.


Can I bring a friend?

No. Until the threat of Covid-19 & variants has passed, there are no guests allowed. Please, leave your family and friends at home. Unless they are getting tattooed, in which case they have filled out an Inquiry Form and have been selected with you and paid their deposit.


Are you comfortable tattooing color on naturally darker skin?

Toby is experienced and very comfortable working with darker melanin skin. He has traveled researching traditional tribal tattooing in Asianic tribes, including the Philippines, Borneo, Thailand & Vietnam, in order to understand how tattoos are made for melanin based complexions to survive the sun. He has healed work photographed as example for black, black and grey, and COLOR in dark skin. He works with people of color from all over the world. Even doing Scar cover ups for Nigerian Women, and multiple tattoo Coverups as a specialty for some of his darker black clientele. He can ensure that there will not be scaring from his tattoo needle work, while getting the pigment in as dark as possible. If you are interested in doing a color test so you know what will show up on your natural pigment, Toby is more than happy to do this during your linework tattoo session, so it can be later covered with shading once we make final color selections. But always, he will suggest big bold BLACK tattoos as they have the most majesty on dark skin and do not require as much protection from the sun.



What kind of content do you like to tattoo?

Toby’s portfolio is a good indication of the work he does. 

He takes pride in designing large detailed pieces, or colorful solid designs. Some of the common imagery you will see in his work are; 







*Mythical Creatures




Medieval Weapons

*Rubber Hose Animation (50s-70s, Animation Style)

Traditional Filipino Tribal

Traditional Dayak Tribal

*Traditional Asian Influenced Dragons

American Traditional Flash. 



Is there anything you don't like to tattoo?

Toby no longer offers: 

small lettering, small words, small sentences

‘Watercolor Style’

‘micro’ tattoos

inner facial lip designs

side fingers/side of feet

How long are standard appointments?

Most clients sit for a half day appointment. Half day appointments are roughly 3-4 hours long. We will usually take a couple of short breaks to use the restroom and drink water, but those breaks are not included in the final price for your session. Toby will sometimes end a little earlier or work a little longer to get to a good stopping point. Choosing a stopping point typically depends on the design. 


**There is also the option of a full 8-10hr day appointment for $1,500 Full Day rate. This rate already has time for lunch and a few breaks deducted. Please, come prepared with a water bottle and snacks. Getting a good nights sleep before and after your appointment is encouraged. You will likely be wiped out afterwards, so take care of yourself.

When can I see my drawing?

Toby Good completes client Designs in the order of their Appointments. Clients may request to see their Artwork prior to their Appointment by booking a “Fitting”, or secondary consultation for a $50 flat fee. This is time put aside that pushes the Artwork deadline up 1 week, in order to go over the design prior to Appointment. At the Fitting, the client may see the design, have it stenciled on them, and request changes to the design at that time. A Fitting can be booked at the Consultation before the Appointment if the Appointment is placed 1 month from the Consultation. 


**Otherwise, Tattoo Designs are presented the day of the Tattoo Appointment to the Client.


​​Can I make changes to my design?

Toby Good requires complete creative freedom to make Professional Tattoos. You may request changes at the Fitting or on the day of the Appointment, and Toby will take them into consideration. If the requested changes upset the flow of the image or overall Design, then he will politely decline requested changes to the design in order for it to maintain professional quality.





In the Tattoo Inquiry Submission Form I ask a couple of questions regarding your stylistic preference. The answers you provide help me determine the amount of time we will need to finish your project. Below are examples of each category in the questionnaire.

No Background

Here is an example of a single subject with 0 background.

Color Background

Here is an example of a single subject, with Color Background.

Dark Background

Here is an Example of a Dark background. depending on the design, this could be Grey or Black.

Loose Density

Subjects are spread far apart with plenty of skin between individual subjects as a sleeve or larger surface area.


Designs are intentionally layered to interact and balance with foreground and background subjects.


All black on black on black tattoos. These age and last the best the longest in skin, world wide. monochromatic, usually 1 or 2d images. simple and bold.

Black & Grey

Utilizing Soft & Medium Geys with a balance of Skin and Black. Black & Grey is always a classic choice.


A Muted color pallet can give just about any tattoo a classy timeless edge.


some of you have pale skin and can hold color amazing. This is your time to shine bright forever.


What should I expect the day after getting tattooed?

Be kind to your body, your immune system needs some extra care to heal. Plan on taking it easy for a few days after your appointment. If you exercise regularly, light exercise is fine. Drink plenty of water. Taking some vitamin C, Vitamin E, and Vitamin D + probiotics can also assist the healing process. You may take some ibuprofen to reduce swelling and inflammation on the day of the appointment.

How should I heal my tattoo?

I suggest Aveeno non scented Liquid Lotion. The most important part of healing your tattoo is keeping it clean and not handling it during the healing process. Your tattoo should finish bleeding and perspiring body fluid after a few hours, or up to a few days. While your tattoo is still expressing lymph it is very important that you continue to wash it regularly and keep it moisturized with Aveeno iquid Lotion. Once your tattoo has stopped weeping, still apply lotion for a full 10-15 days. Whatever you choose to moisturize with, be sure to massage it all the way into your skin. It should not be shiny or greasy on the surface.

Do hands and feet heal the same as the rest of the body?

No. Your hands and feet are the farthest away from your heart, so they take longer to heal. Make sure to take a couple of days off of work and exercise to heal them. You can expect an EXTRA phase of healing after it has flaked. The tattoo will look somewhat "milky". After a few days the color will return and your tattoo will look fancy and new.

What is a touch up, and when would I need it?

Because we are living creatures, we are exposed to bacteria during the healing process. Sometimes our immune systems are not able to heal things as nicely as we'd like. That's a perfectly normal part of the healing process. Taking care of yourself while you are healing will help you heal better and more quickly. But in the case that you lose a part of your new tattoo, a touch up is an option within the first year, and they are usually very short appointments. Touch ups are for any fallout that happens during the initial healing process. Anything after that is considered normal settling and fading. Your tattoo will look softer over time. If things are significantly faded we may consider a rework to brighten it up so it looks new again. I charge $100 hourly for reworks (my work only, reworking anyone else's designs will be charged the normal hourly rate).